The Headless Horseman At Stones River

Introduction The Battle of Stones River resulted in 13,176 casualties for the Union army under William Rosecrans engaged there. Of those 13,176 casualties, 1,171 were deaths. However, of those over 1,000 deaths, the most dramatic was that of Lieutenant Colonel Julius Peter Garesche on December 31, 1863. Garesche was the Chief-of-Staff of the Army of... Continue Reading →

Ulysses S. Grant – Posthumous Promotion

Introduction If you look through the new FY2023 U.S. Defense Authorization Bill, you will see a familiar name: Ulysses S. Grant. Ulysses S. Grant has the chance to be honored posthumously if the bill is approved. This section of the bill, section 587, would promote Grant, giving him the rank of General of the Armies... Continue Reading →

Julian Shakespeare Carr – A Controversial Life

Intro Julian Shakespeare Carr (1845-1924) was a businessman and philanthropist who worked as a partner in the W.T. Blackwell tobacco company, as well as in banking, railways, and public utilities. He served in the Third North Carolina Cavalry during the Civil War, led North Carolina’s United Confederate Veterans, praised slavery and the Ku Klux Klan,... Continue Reading →

Emory Upton Infantry Tactics

Introduction - Double and Single Rank Emory Upton infantry tactics were improvised during a charge at Spotsylvania on May 10, 1864 and changed not only the course of the Civil War but also how warfare is conducted. The customary infantry assault of the era used a wide battle line advancing slowly, firing at the enemy... Continue Reading →

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