Battle of Fredericksburg – Summary and Significance

Background Following the Battle of Antietam, McClellan failed to pursue the Army of Northern Virginia like President Abraham Lincoln would have liked. In October, following the bloodiest day in American history, Lincoln visited the Army of the Potomac and later had Halleck, general-in-chief, message McClellan to “Cross the Potomac and give battle… Your army must... Continue Reading →

Island No 10 – Freeing the Mississippi

Background The Mississippi River was key to both the North and South during the American Civil War. The Mississippi flowed south to New Orleans, a major port city that farmers would ship their goods to and through. From 1859-60, over 2 million tons of goods were shipped to New Orleans along the Mississippi. This amounted... Continue Reading →

Battle of Chickamauga – Summary and Analysis

Background Late in June of 1863, Ulysses S. Grant was completing his attempt to take Vicksburg. Meanwhile, Robert E. Lee was beginning his second invasion of the North and was moving his army into Pennsylvania. While these major moves were being made, William S. Rosecrans began moving his army that had been motionless at Murfreesboro... Continue Reading →

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